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  • How can I claim a bonus?+
    • At, players can take advantage of two types of bonuses: certificates and rewards.

      A certificate is a free bonus for which no deposit is required. This type of bonus can be claimed via the Bonus Account section of your Cashier. Once you have entered the code in the Bonus Code field, please choose the option "Certificate" and submit. A reward bonus can be claimed after making a deposit, also via the Bonus Account section. Once you have entered the reward code in the Bonus Code field, please choose the option Reward and submit.

  • How can I recredit a pending withdrawal?+
    • If you have just requested a withdrawal of your winnings and would like to recredit the funds to your account, you can do so via the "History" section of the Cashier. You will see a list of all your pending withdrawals there. There is the option to recredit the funds to your account next to each of your pending withdrawals.

  • How do I play slot games with a keyboard?+
    • Most of our slot machines have been created to allow our players to play directly using the keyboard without needing the mouse!

      - The space bar on the keyboard activates SPIN.
      - The 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 buttons start the SPIN on the corresponding bet.

  • I'm having difficulty connecting to
    • It is possible, in some cases, for connection to to fail if your computer uses a FIREWALL or a PROXY service.

      - If this is the case please contact your system administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP).
      - We will do everything possible to guide and help you to reconnect to

  • Sign up to receive our newsletters+
    • Ensure you never miss out on our latest bonus offers, Free Spins and prize draws, by subscribing to our various marketing channels: email, SMS, push notification and direct mailing.

      You can always check your marketing preferences in the "My Home" section of your Cashier, so you don't have to miss any of our great offers.

  • How can I check that the games offered are working properly?+
    • Every game offered by a Swiss online casino has to be independently verified and certified as well as authorized by the Swiss Federal Gaming Board. This process ensures that the correct game version number is mapped on the game provider’s server. The version number can be found in the Help section of the corresponding game.

      In the case of games provided by Greentube/Novomatic Interactive, the certified reference number can be found under the following link:

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